Pictorial blethers

By blethers

A relic

Like me, this glass bauble has seen better days. But I've always been fascinated by the decorations with the caved-in side of even more fragile glass than the rest of the ball; when I was little I looked at my parents' decorations and wondered at the mystery of their creation (the baubles, not my parents). This one is, I think, 46 years old* and was bought in Woolworths in Byres Road in Glasgow. It's one of a set of seven, still in their original box whose  plastic film lid is unstuck on one side. The glass in the caved-in part of this ball has also broken at some time, and tinkles around inside it. 

When I had children at home, or grandchildren coming to stay, I made sure these glass balls were hung high on the tree; now, with the family requiring to be visited rather than travel here I am less careful. Not that a careless adult couldn't send them flying with a misplaced elbow ...

You can tell by the indoors nature of this blip, to say nothing of the fact that I've probably blipped similarly in past years, that today has been unable to tempt me further than the recycling bin at the back gate. And as there are gales forecast as well as rain/hail/unicorns I will probably continue in this tedious incarceration for a few days.

I lied about the unicorns.

*An earlier blip suggests 43 years, but that doesn't seem to make sense to me now.

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