Marshall and Chase

(AKA Malachi and Theodore!) in the dress-up costumes we got them for Christmas. Today was Christmas part 2  (The Sequel) and we went over to see Jeri, Adam and the boys.

Presents were exchanged and gratefully received. I got kettlebells (Which I had asked for, it wasn't a hint!) a lovely notebook and the loveliest mug I have ever owned, which could have been designed for me! It may feature in a future Blip!

We had relaxed buffet food and the boys had fun with their uncles. I got to read stories to the little ones and hugs of them all! 

On the way home we dropped Zeph off to visit a friend of his for a couple of days, and it already feels weird without him!

I'm chilling out in my lovely cosy new dressing gown and I'm going to have a couple of glasses of that delicious red wine I opened last night!

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