Mal plays Pie-Face

This morning Brian took me over to my parents' for a briefer than usual visit. They liked their Christmas presents from us, though my Mum couldn't quite get her head round why they were having presents! We came home after I'd washed up their lunch-pots. 

We had a quick bite to eat then headed over to Tuxford to see Jeri, Adam and the family. We had a buffet with more food than an army would need, and no-one was being healthy today! The boys also liked their presents from us, and the adults all were happy in that department too! We had plenty of laughs!

The kids demonstrated the Pie-Face game they'd got for Christmas! This Blip is of Malachi having his turn!

Back in my PJ's now (I spent the whole of yesterday in them!) and chilling with a gin and lemon!

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