Puppy Training


I had completely forgotten that puppy training had been rearranged for this morning as people couldn't make Thursday night. Luckily I have an eight year old who has a better memory than me and we got there on the dot at 9.30am!!
It was the last puppy session and we practised everything we've done over the last few weeks. Archie was ace and the Little Misses did brilliantly with him. Miss E in particular is in seventh heaven - marching round and giving commands!!
I had worried that the other owners might find the Little Misses being at the classes a bit annoying but they all seem to really like them and enjoy them being there which is great.
Also, one of the things that needs to be checked before we could get our certificates was how the puppies are with children. The Little Misses LOVE all the other puppies so they were happy enough - and felt very important - going along the line, taking a treat from each owner and giving it to their puppies.
The rest of the day was spent tidying, doing laundry, decorating, wrapping (me), making mess, playing, watching TV and staring at iPads (the Little Misses)

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