Kids Today. And a Dog!


We had a really lovely day today with Mrs S and Mr M. It was great to see them before Christmas.
The children did spend a lot of the day playing upstairs together but I had to laugh at this view of them - the power of the tablet!!
And doesn't Molly look like a comfy cushion?!
It's the longest journey Archie's been on since we bought him home and he still turns into a drooling heap in the car so we tried something new on the way down today. I put his bed in the passenger footwell and his blanket on the seat for him to drool over. He hopped up onto the seat, curled up and slept all the way. Excellent!!
It's just as well he was happier because the journey home was a nightmare!  We left at about 5pm and as we got to the M25 roundabout the traffic was at a complete standstill - on the roundabout and the motorway. A quick call to Mr K confirmed that it was stationary to the next junction and at least an hour's delay expected.
Eventually I got round the roundabout, retraced our steps back past Mrs S's and then drove cross country to get on the M1 the other side of St Albans. It took forever, was pitch dark and was extra stressful because the petrol gauge was going down and down and was getting a bit critical before we got to a petrol station.
I have been looking for my credit card for a few days and I finally found it this morning. Yay!!!!
At the bottom of the tumble drier. Arse!!
So it was a little unfortunate that when I'd filled up the car with diesel the only card I had with me declined. Oops!!
The man in the garage behaved as if I was about to make off with the Crown jewels when I went back to the car to "look for another card". Imagine air quotes there as I knew full well there were no other cards and probably not £18.56 worth of change lying around! I just wanted to check my bank balance and call Mr K away from the steely glare of the man!
My mortgage payment had unexpectedly gone out this morning putting me overdrawn. Luckily Mr K came to the rescue and transferred some money to me. From the Park & Ride in Oxford. Isn't modern technology wonderful?!!
The rest of the journey was fairly uneventful and we eventually got home. Two and a half hours after we left Mrs S's!!

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