Ice Skating at Frosts

The Little Misses and I met Mrs C, Mr L, Mr R and Mr C at Frosts today for our annual ice skating trip. 
It was lovely to see them as ever. 
It was the first year that all of them managed to skate  - with greater or lesser skill!
When we were putting our skates back at the end of the session Mrs C noticed the poster for the Skate Aids. It's the picture of Miss E and Miss A from when they were skating in December 2013!! Just goes to show you don't look at posters properly - I'd looked at it several times and not noticed that it was a big picture of my own child!!!  See Extras
For the past few years it's been the picture they've used in their magazine to advertise the Christmas ice skating but it wasn't in there this year so I assumed they'd found some other cute kids to use but no, there they were!!!
Mrs C and the boys came back to ours for dinner and a few hours play. I always feel so happy sitting chatting to Mrs C. It's as it should be! 
The kids had pizza, pigs in blankets, sweetcorn, mince pies and biscuits.
We had chicken flavour crisps, baguettes and stilton with apricots. I ate too much and ended up feeling sick.
I am worried about the amount of eating there is to do over the next week or so!!

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