Klingons on the starboard bow

Carey's birthday and Luke sent us this picture of them out celebrating. I commented that he looked like an Extra from Star Trek. He assumed I was suggesting that he looked like an Alien which was not what i meant at all. I meant that the V neck jumper with the black shirt underneath looked very much like the crew's uniform in the original TV series. To illustrate the point, I've added Star Trek badges and converted his shirt into a polo neck. I think he gets it now. Luke sent to recorded message on WhattsApp, one of Carey saying 'thank you everyone' and the other her saying 'thank you daddy mummy'. So sweet and he pronunciation was really very good.

Great night with the family last night. Matthew and Anna were home for a christening today so we invited Rachel and Ross for dinner. Matthew's choice - chicken parmo, apparently a dish that has its roots in Middlesbrough and is now popular all over the North East. It's basically a  bread crumbed chicken breast that is deep fried, smothered in bechemel sauce and grated cheddar cheese and then flashed under the grill. Served with oven chips and coleslaw. Honestly, if this is considered to be a delicacy oop North, it's one I won't be trying again. Greasy and bland and they are the two nicest adjectives I can think of to describe it.

Bike ride with Tim had to be cancelled due to the snow. We went to the gym instead. Of dear, Tim is not a gym person. I started with a 25 minute ride on a spin bike and watched him wonder from machine to machine, never sticking with anything for more than a couple of minutes. I tried to help by then doing a piece of equipment with him and offering encouragement and it did help but his lack of fitness and/or drive was still very apparent. He needs a personal trainer, otherwise the gym is not going to work for him at all.

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