In The Beginning

It looks like the rain and gloom are over for a while.  Every day for the next ten days will be warmer than the previous one: 61°-76° F (16°-24° C). Lows will also rise from 39° to 53° F (4° to 12° C).  I'll have to get the shorts out again.

I accidentally went shopping yesterday on an empty stomach and now I'm the proud owner of aisle 4.  I might have to add "stop eating" to my New year's resolution, which is to stay upright for 365 days.

A note for posterity:  The Buffalo Bills missed the playoffs again.  That increases their record of ineptitude:  of all professional sports, they remain the team with the longest streak of not having qualified for post-season play. Being a Bills fan is like going shopping on an empty stomach....

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