All Ears

I had such a lovely long walk at Lodge Farm today and got so many images that pleased me. The first was a lurcher jumping a ditch. Then I spotted a large bird of prey in a tree with its back to me. I kept my eyes trained on it and was stalking along a field edge when three deer popped out of the hedge and stotted across the muddy field. I caught one mid-stot and was amused by its mud-caked hooves. The raptor was gone. As I passed the farm buildings I shot a little owl as it landed in an opening at the top of the ancient barn. I shall always look for it there now. I got a lovely wren on the moss-covered wall. 

I ventured down a track into the valley for the first time and photographed the above herd of deer. The weather was beautiful and I had the rolling fields and little stream to myself. The path took me near to the bunkers of the WW2 decoy airfield. I love exploring places like this, particularly on my own. I yomped across a field and climbed up onto the top of the generator bunker. There was a ladder leading down into it but I decided not to enter in case I couldn't get out again.(Extras) I now know that the tangle of brambles down the hill conceal the opening to the accommodation bunker. I'll have a poke around there next time.

The poem for the day in my book is Remember by Christina Rossetti. I've been remembering my MiL a lot over Christmas and invoking her regarding food choices and cooking techniques. She died in January 2000 aged 97.  

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