Drawing back the curtains in the spare bedroom, my workstation, this morning, I found this tendril of jasmine had continued to grow even after its stem had been trapped after the window had been opened, then closed, last week. I admit to a moment of alarm.

It will have to go.

Slow progress with packing up calendars and writing letters, which I abandoned in favour of going to see Sue and Kal with Basil for a good old natter.

Kal got the same design jumper as Basil's for Christmas. It fits him very well. Sue says he becomes quieter while wearing it. I told her it must be due to the Thundercoat phenomenon. It's like swaddling babies. Wrapping them up calms them.

Sue got Kal ready for his walk just as Baz and I were leaving. He was really excited.

Weather. Dull with cloud early morning gradually breaking and clearing so that the sky is cloud free at night. We expect a very hard frost.

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