By KirstyHalbert


What do you mean, I have to get up and go to work? I woke up a bit fuzzy today after being out last night with T, M and J for T's belated leaving night. She's off to Edinburgh next week to complete her MSc at Herriot-Watt; part of me is a little jealous - until I remember how stressed I felt throughout most of the final year of my BSc! We had a lovely night catching up, with a cocktail at TGI Friday's.

I was planning on heading to the gym this morning for a Body Combat class, but just didn't make it out of bed in time (in fact, by the time I got up, the class had ended)! Off to work instead, at my secondment office. My day passed quite quickly and I did manage to make it to the gym for Body Combat after work. When I got home I cooked myself a nice steak for tea, with home-made peppercorn sauce.

Just as I finished eating there was a knock on the door. It was two policemen, who told me that someone had broken into our block and had been storing stolen goods in our attic - how bizarre! I was asked if I had a key to the attic, and I told them that we'd never had a key - the only person I'd ever seen going up there was a Scottish Hydro-Electric guy... Hmm - it turns out that that was probably him!! How unobservant of me. You see a uniform and just assume everything's legitimate. Hopefully we'll all be told the outcome of that one.

In other news, thank you SO MUCH for all the hearts, stars and comments on my 300th Blip yesterday; I was absolutely delighted to hit the spotlight page for the first time ever. And to all those that subscribed yesterday, I hope this Blip isn't a let-down! :)

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