By KirstyHalbert

Dog the Fish.

A fairly productive day today spent cleaning the flat. Every now and again I feel the need to do a 'big clean', which usually takes the whole day. Today it seemed to take even longer than usual, and I didn't even finish! I made a good start though and will be able to do the last few bits in the next 10 days before M comes home. I'm always so tired after work that cleaning takes a back seat.

Today the rain was hammering down at a similar rate to the other day - I didn't really pay much attention as I was cleaning and tidying... But later on I went down to Polmuir Road to collect my surfboard from the lock-up and the carpark was completely flooded. I had to roll up my jeans and take off my shoes to wade out to the garage and pick up the board. Luckily nothing in the garage was flooded as it sits on an incline, but I could have paddled my board back to the car!

Later in the afternoon I caught the bus to Banchory to have tea and watch X Factor with A, and the bus had to drive on the opposite side of the road several times to get to along Royal Deeside in one piece. When I arrived at A's she showed me a picture of Duthie Park, about quarter of a mile from the lock-up where I store my surfboard - no wonder it was a bit damp - there were cars floating at the park entrance!

A and I had a lovely tea of gnocchi in a creamy vegetable sauce, and while A cooked I took a quick emergency Blip of her fish tank. Hopefully we'll have nicer weather tomorrow, but if not, at least we'll be surfing so we'll be wet anyway... Fingers crossed for waves :o)

This is one of Anna's fish; I think this one's called Dog, confusingly...

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