By KirstyHalbert


Pentax K1000, Kodak BW400CN, ISO 400

I never thought I'd be one of those weirdos running down at the beach on a Sunday morning, but today I was. After breakfast, M and I stopped by the lifeboat station to wash the car, then left it parked and ran to the beach and along the esplanade until we'd covered 3 km and run for 22 minutes... Then came back again. We made it in just under 45 minutes, and my phone tells me I burned a whopping 419 calories - surely that's enough for one of my black velvet cakes from yesterday?!

When we got home we showered and had a little nap before M tackled the grass in the back garden and I made us lunch - I took the leftover risotto from yesterday, rolled it into balls and covered them in breadcrumbs to be toasted in a hot oven, and while they were cooking, I made a spanish omelette with some other fridge leftovers. It was delicious, but M and I were chased back in from the garden by a ridiculous number of wasps which seemed to have been disturbed by M mowing the grass.

M then cleared out the garden shed... the thing about living in someone else's house - the owner of ours is out of the country for work for another year - is that you never know what's lurking in a dark corner. Apparently, hundreds of tins of paint! I sorted out some photos for back-blipping: it'll be my 600th on Tuesday and I had a few gaps that needed filling from last month. I think I have too many SD cards! Photos can lurk on there for weeks before I get round to uploading and editing them.

Later on, M laid the BBQ and sorted out some lamb chops for dinner, and we played target practice with a Guinness can and an air pistol while they cooked. I got quite good once my eye was in, and hit it a good few times! I spent the evening messing about on my laptop while M watched a program on steam trains, and we both headed to bed to read our kindles later. It's been an ace weekend.

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