By KirstyHalbert


This morning A was up and showered long before me, and made us a lovely fruit salad for breakfast. I helped feed baby F, who loves strawberries, grapes and blueberries - and he only bit my finger once (with his 3 and a half little sharp teeth), so I think I came off quite well. A's Mum came out at lunchtime babysit, and her friend D picked us up in his van. We drove out to Aberdeen via my flat to pick up the board I had had to wade/swim to the garage for yesterday and arrived at the beach to lovely little waist-high waves. We had a brilliant time today, and the weather was amazing; warm and sunny with no hint of a wind. There wasn't even Aberdeen's usual riptide to drag us down the beach - perfection.

After our surf, D drove me back home where I made myself a nice broccoli bake with Quorn sausages, had a hot shower and spent the evening watching X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Today was a very good day - I wish M had been here to enjoy it with me. Just 10 sleeps until he's home for good!
This Blip should have been me surfing (badly) at Aberdeen beach. Even though I learned to surf (sort of) about 4 years ago, I've never got past the 'straight-line-to-the-beach, try-not-to-wobble' stage. Still, I enjoy it immensely, so I suppose it doesn't matter. A few photos were taken by D's friend, but I've been pestering him for a copy for ages and have given up! Here you have a breakfast shot of baby F and his curly mohawk at breakfast. Go large for a porridge-y mouth :o)

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