By KirstyHalbert


More rain. More wind. Less Summer. More Winter. Another drip Blip.

Up early today, and off to the office to get on with my reports. I got a call about 9.30 to say the lunchtime viewing I had booked for a flat had been cancelled - someone had made an offer already. The flat only went on the market on Friday! The recession seems not to have affected Aberdeen. M and I will have to make a plan of attack when he comes home.

When I arrived back home, I spent the evening selling some things on eBay- trying to get rid of some stuff before we move; I seem to accumulate 'stuff' very quickly. I'm sure I did a de-clutter like this not long ago. I'm selling my old D40 and a lot of the equipment I have for it too, as well as some old books.

Not a very exciting day, although my variable ND filter finally arrived which I'm looking forward to using; without thinking I bought one for my 50mm fixed lens, but probably would have been better buying one for my wide-angle instead; if the 52mm works out I'll perhaps buy another. Also thinking about an N-Grad, which I seem to see used a lot on here. They seem so cheap that I may pick up one of those too; there's not a lot of point in selling all my old stuff if I'm only going to replace it with new stuff, eh?!

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