Englishman in Bandung

By Vodkaman

Black carpenter bee

I had planned on doing the stream and then moving on to the waterfall venue, but the stream was so productive today that a second session was not necessary.

As usual, I finished up the session looking for a dragon egg laying shot. Learning from previous attempts, I used single shot mode today. Well, that was a disaster, I only came close on one image and that was not sharp. I guess rapid fire is the way to go after all.

This bee was the best of some fine back-up shots. She's a big girl with a wingspan that must be close to two inches. You could easily mistake it for a hummer. The first time one of these bees strays a bit too close, it causes heart stopping panic, but over time you learn that they are completely harmless. It is closely related to the yellow carpenter that I blipped earlier this month, but not as aggressive.

These bees do collect pollen and nectar and are regarded as good pollinators. They don't build a hive, but drill a hole in rotting wood for their nest. Most carpenters are not social animals, but form solitary pairs. The male guards the nest vigorously, so this one is probably a female.

Tomorrow should be fun, as Chocolate lover is in town and we shall be doing a breakfast safari. My first blip-meet.


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