Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Deep in thought...

...and too busy to pose for a photo for me! He was trying to finish his French essay on Albert Camus, then he still has to pack as he is off skiing tomorrow on the annual university trip to Tignes.

I have spent nearly all day working on my photo book. I started a tradition when Luke turned 16 to produce a large photo book of photos from when he was born up until he turned 16 years of age - I did the same for Adam, and now it is Thomas' turn as he turns 16 in just over a week's time. I have left it a bit late as I have thousands of photos of the boys, as I have always taken numerous photos of them from the day they were born. I have had to scan photos from the early years before I had a digital camera, and it is such a huge job! Needless to say my blip today is an emergency one as I have not had time to go out taking photos.

Poor Gavin feels even worse so I have managed to get an appointment at the doctor for him tomorrow morning - man flu jokes aside, I have never known him to be this ill. He is barely eating and has a constant high temperature.

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