By Missycat

FlowerFriday6 New Year's Day roses

Backblipping this NOT because the site was down on Friday night (now up and running thanks to our brilliant team) but because I was too lazy tired last night!

I confess that I did not see Biker Bear's theme until after I had taken shots of these roses but I have just about managed to work in New and Old: these roses were given to me on New year's Day when we had a little party for a few friends and family.  I could say the she is one of my oldest friends but that could be misinterpreted!  I mean that she is one of my longest standing friends.

Today of course is my alternative flower day in the shape of Violet.  Tumble Tots doesn't start again until next week so we spent the grey (and eventually rainy) day at home.  Violet assisted with the usual Friday cleaning routine, watched some Cbeebies, enjoyed some rough and tumble play with her uncle (The Son) and eventually took a nap for a couple of hours on the beanbag that she loves, this week wearing a (faux) fur coat that she again refused to take off, leaving her one sweaty little girl by the time she woke up!
My extra shows her making yet another phone call before the nap.

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