This is Orville the Little Owl who I met this morning outside the pet shop, two doors down from Marks & Spencer where I'd been shopping for groceries.  He was there with his mate Mouse, a Barn Owl called Bubbles who is very attached to a knitted toy, Gizmo the White Faced Owl, Willow an Indian Eagle Owl and Peanut an American Kestrel.  I also blipped a Hawk Harrier named Storm but the supermarket trolleys behind him didn't enhance the shot.  I've never come across this particular group of birds before, who for the most part are rescue birds and are all looked after and cared for by one family and a group of volunteers.  They were there today to try to raise some funds to go towards their care  -   I hope they raised a good sum, it's such a good thing they're doing.

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