The Barge and Barrel

I didn't set out to blip this particular hostelry but it was one of many shots I took as we had a quick walk late this afternoon  -   we'd been out with Joanne and Ric so it really was a quick walk.  

I've been getting lists together and doing last minute jobs before we go away on Tuesday (packing day tomorrow).  I don't find getting ready for a trip away gets any easier with time, in fact I seem to make more feet mark about it than ever.  The only thing I do know is that as soon as we've locked the door and actually set off then I shan't give anything another thought.  

Wifi permitting I'll blip whilst I'm away, but I won't comment to the same extent  - already I'm a little behind this last couple of days as I've not seemed to have a spare minute. Thank you as ever for stopping by my journal, your comments and encouragement are always very much appreciated.  It's nice to know so many of you enjoyed my owl blip yesterday,  you obviously share my love of them. :-))

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