A time for everything

By turnx3

Foggy walk on the Malverns

A fairly early start this morning, as we were taking Laura to Birmingham airport for her return flight to Bucharest. Unfortunately she wasn't feeling at all good, and was dreading her day's journey, as it wasn't even a direct flight - she had a connection in Cluj in northern Romania. Whilst Google said not much over an hour for the journey, Janet had warned us traffic could sometimes be dreadful, so we allowed plenty of time, especially as at Staunton it was not only extremely foggy, but also somewhat icy under foot. However, the fog turned out to be patchy - we drove in and out of it all the way - and traffic was light, so we got there in plenty of time, in fact so early, her check-in gate wasn't yet showing up on the boards, so we had a coffee while we waited. We had an equally good drive back, but arrived back at Staunton to find it still shrouded in fog, though a little less than earlier. After lunch, we all went walking on the Malverns again, near Castle Morton Common. On our way there we drove through some patches of very thick fog, and we began to wonder whether it was worth it. Roger and I went up higher than the others, and from the top it was quite fascinating, as the fog was drifting around, and one minute you could see a bit of a view through the mist, two minutes later it would be gone. Likewise with the sun, at times you would see it, and then it was gone. It was late afternoon by this time, and at one point the sun was creating a beautiful golden light through the mist. I came back with far more photos than I expected!

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