By SecondSeason

I think he can, I think he can!

So this is the first photo of our grandchildren that I'm posting.  Meet Cache. He is 5 years old, in Kindergarten and number 4 in the line up of the 7 grandkids we have.  For most of his young life, Cache has been intrigued with TRAINS! When playing with trains, he often breaks out in exuberant hand clapping, squeals of laughter, and jumping up and down as he gets so excited!  He received a beautiful train set for Christmas with a big oval track and a number of cars that were meant to be pulled by the engine.  Sadly, the 'engine' did not work so he came over this afternoon with his train engine and high hopes of his Gramps being able to fix it. He closely supervised the repair as his Gramps took it all apart and thankfully was able to fix it!  Much to the delight of this little man!

I loved this tender (and hopeful) moment shared between a grandfather and his grandson.  Today, Gramps was a hero.

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