We were not much better getting up early than yesterday. At least it was before midday!
Still a bit tired and not overly motivated we did our weekly supplies shopping at Costco then got home.
I felt that we need to do something more and I dragged Neil out again for a coffee. I wanted to try another wee Coffee roasters I had not been in yet. Papercup
It was a lovely surprise. The staff was really friendly and the coffee was really good!!
That's now 3 roasters in walking distance, where I can buy my black gold :)
Result :)
In the evening I caught up with my blips - not yet with other jornals though - I am afraid.
But many many thanks for all the lovely messages to my 365 Blip. Much appreciated xx
I have apparently 2 still to back blip - otherwise it should have been on January 1st :) 
I better fix that soon.

Todays photo is an attempt to capture the wall painting describing the coffee bush to cup process :)

I had to add the extra ! I was not supposed to blip my man again, but I loved the little series of expressions :)

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