Saturday - Breakfast out

As expected we slept long after an exhausting week.
When getting up I thought we should go out for breakfast. 
Fiona and Kevin had told us, that there are really good omelettes and other eggy breakfast options at the TriBeCa down Dumbarton Road.
So we only had coffee and then made our way down there. Thank's god for all day breakfasts! I think it was close to 3 pm until we got there. 
Despite it being a chain, it was really nice and we enjoyed the coffee, meat feast omelette (Neil) and scrambled eggs with salmon (me)!

In the morning we had received the invitation to Neil's Ex's wedding. You see it's not only me who keeps in good terms with their past. 
She and Justin will get married in September. The invitation was amazing. They put a lot of effort and thought into it. The envelope was sealed even!
The dress code for the wedding is Steampunk or formal. Awesome! Finally a different type of celebration :). 
We have 9 months to prepare and we will definitely go for the Steampunk theme. This is basically Victorian with an mechanical aspect. A bit of Jules Verne. Or a bit the "what if the Victorians would have developed Hi-tech based on steam engines". Great fun!

On our way back we went to a quite amazing vintage shop in Ruthven Lane called Starry Night. I was in there before and they have amazing clothes from all ages. I had seen there before long coats and tail coats, what I thought would be great for Neil. I was looking for something Victorian lacy for me. She indeed had original Victorian stuff and told me she had much more at her house, as no one would buy it. I found a lovely jacked, with bone and beautiful lace work. But eh, those Victorian ladies must have been tiny!!!! I am a size 8 and got it over my shoulders, but between the 2 hooks at the bottom were at least 20 cm!!! WOW!!! Even with the tightest corset I would not be able to get this closed!
Anna, the owner, a quite eccentric elderly lady, promised that she will go through her boxes to find something suitable. But she said that Victorian clothes are not really comfortable to wear and was trying to get me more into Edwardian or even later. I tried a wonderful 1930th dress - and would it not have been so pricey it would be mine now :)
Neil was lucky already. He found a beautiful tail coat and some authentic stripy trousers to be worn with buttoned braces. He looked awesome in it. Anna had also plenty of accessories! Original! Tophats, opera glasses, monocles and much much more!!
So glad we have 9 months to prepare and do not have to get all at once. Although Neil's wonderful outfit in best condition was just 60 pounds. I don't think I will get away that cheaply...
I need to go back to the shop this week. I tried an amazing black velvet coat from the 20th. I must have that! 
Anna will be looking for an original Victorian cape for me. With lace etc. I cannot wait to have it. I always wanted a cape! 
And then I hope she will find some stuff that belonged to a bigger lady. I will not be able to reduce my waist to 16 inches until September :). I would need to have my ribs taken out for that - haha! 
However, this shop is fantastic!!! I never expected to be able to find original clothes from 1850th to actually a good price!

We spent more than 2 hours in the shop and were home only after 7 pm. After a bit of faffing we had a late dinner of salad, veg and cold meats and retired to bed.

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