We did a shopping round to Blochairn Car Boot Sale, Costco and Lidl.
Blochairn was deserted, not only because we were late but because the traders were taking the week off and the private sellers had also better to things to do on such a cold Winter morning.
I still found a beautiful Chrystal glass decanter, what is apparently called a ship's decanter. It also had a little "necklace" with an enamel plate saying "Whiskey". I was more keen on the necklace itself, but got both for a tenner.
 One day when I my studio is reinstated and I am up for a challenge, I will photograph it.
After shopping we went for the obligatory walk only to discover that I managed to overlook a speciality coffee bar just down the road! I must have passed it many times! Ha!!! 
They are called "Black Pine coffee" and were located until September (yes - I have done my research!) in a Barber shop, but now have their own place next door. They are renovating at the moment and need soon to be visited!
We ended at Sara's who is celebrating her 1st birthday this week. 
Back home Neil was preparing his Signature dish, roast port with the most delicious crackling you can imagine. It is a Jamie Oliver recipe and I think its one of my favourite meals.
As it takes a loooong time, we had dinner quite late.
Did a couple of board game rounds and I still keep winning.
I think Neil is not too happy about this ;)

My blip is taken at Blochairn. They apparently used the now cleared space that was demolished by the fire last year to sell Christmas trees. This is the remaining trees, that never got a home. so sad.

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