Pecan pie

This week in 1987 I started my first 'proper job' at the University of Birmingham. Thirty years later I have had another career change: from today onwards I am working part-time.

I took the decision to reduce my hours last summer on July 21st 2016 (communicated through form-filling), not long after attending a session on work-life balance at an internal conference on campus (on 15th June 2016).  So, instead of writing about a Monday at my desk clearing email, today I can relate the details of my day as follows:

Helped Mr hazelh with supermarket shopping
Completed my morning exercises mid-morning rather than first thing
Took my time over lunch
Investigated holiday options for Easter and the summer
Popped out to buy some fabric to make a cushion cover
Watched two television programmes on Netflix
Walked to my book group meeting with ArcLight, Winsford, E, M and C (but not Ridgeback13 because she has been held hostage at work this evening)

Our book this month was My name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout. It entertained me while I read it, but I can't say that it had me hooked. The others in my book group seemed to like it more than me. I think that this may be another case of 'not enough words' for my liking.

Our next book, should you like to read along with us, is Stoner by John Williams. We will be discussing it on Monday 6th February.

My blip is of the pecan pie that E made for us at her house this evening. I didn't know that I liked pecan pie until tonight. Also on the menu was a delicious fish pie as main course.

In this new world of part-time working I am also off work tomorrow. How wonderful it is to go to bed tonight knowing that I can do whatever I want in the morning :-)

**Thank you to everyone for the kind comments and stars for my 5th blip birthday yesterday. I appreciate them all!**

Exercise today: sit-ups, stretches and weights, walk to book group in Portobello (13,959 steps).

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