By EdgewoodGarden


Cold and wet and lacking sun, these little sempervivums are a testament to survival and to making the best of it. Their biggest enemy is wet roots, which are hard to prevent here in the soggy Pacific Northwest. They love sun and warmth, which are hard to come by at 47 latitude in the middle of winter.But, as their name implies, they are "always living."
Mine are planted on vertical planks and live the whole year outside. The recent temperature swing into the teens, however, was not to their liking, so they do look a little ragged. They are worth checking out now, though. One of the wonderful characteristics of these plants is that they turn the most beautiful colors during the winter when stresses are high. Much to our delight, their summer green garb turns to red and purple, depending on the cultivar, during cold temperatures or the short days of the year. So, we forgive them their raggedness as they brighten the back patio.

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