Fifties fish!

This was an exciting find today - Tim took down our bathroom mirror and found this fish on the wall behind.  Going by all the different layers of paint, plaster, etc that we've found, I'm pretty sure the green paint must be the original 1950s decor - and I'm guessing the fish is too.  No idea if there were others, or if this was the only one, but I love it!  We're going to have to cover it up again - with our new bathroom cabinet - but we're leaving the fish there for someone else to find in the future :)  (I think I might also print out this photo and stick it inside the new cabinet as a reminder.)

Another good day of bathroom renovations.  I spent most of the morning listening out for a delivery while Tim was stripping yet more tiles (the last ones, apart from the shower area), but we swapped over occasionally so I could go in and clear all the debris!  I also made myself useful and did some washing and the online food shopping.  Had a go at removing some of the old silicant sealant around the shower/bath/sink, too - what a faff!

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