Christmas Presents on the Wall

This Christmas, I gave three friends mounted and framed prints with which they have been very pleased.

Sue had said some time ago that she wanted two photos of the Aurora on her hall wall, which gave me the idea.

I had to buy the prints of the Aurora online since I don't have good photos of the Northern Lights. But I was able to mount and frame them myself. I like the basic frames from Wilko.

Here they are, hanging in place. Gives me a really good feeling and Sue likes them too. Last week, they were still not hung. Sue was waiting for Ron to get his drill out. When I left, I said I wanted to see them up the next time I visited. Ron obliged!

For the rest, a detour over the Forest to Mountsorrel to collect the wine I'd ordered from Waitrose last week. Waitrose rang first thing this morning to remind me to collect it.

Len and I also returned to the sofa shop to cancel the credit agreement on the new sofa suite which is arriving on Friday. AgeUK will be picking up the old sofa suite on Thursday, which is handy.

Annual quiz night at camera club tonight. My team opted for the joker on the wrong round. We might have done better on a higher scoring round.

Have finally downloaded the bank account transactions in order to do - THE TAX RETURN.

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