Three Tree Lane

A bucolic scene for a Sunday. I walked through woodland and down an abandoned road to get here. In the distance just the gentle sound of shotguns blasting away at clays and then the roar of a trials bike split the air and reminded me that the lane is still enjoyed by a variety of folks in their own ways.

The entrance to the lane used to be hard to identify but it's more noticeable due to being used to allow forestry operations. This also seems to have enabled someone in a 4wd to drive half a mile down it to dump an old TV in the the ditch. It goes on everywhere and with the birds flitting about there is still no shortage of pleasure living in the countryside and I'm glad of it every day.

Thank you very much for all the messages, stars and hearts on my 1500th blip. I emailed the best of the shots from the band shoot this morning and Julian (of Mother's Ruin) has just called round to deliver a thank you card and a case of beer for my trouble. Very kind and much appreciated!

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