Last Day

Our last day here but we weren't being picked up for our transfer until 5pm so we had the morning free as long as we were packed and out of our room for 2pm. I took a walk along to the far end of the beach again, it was a beautiful day and a great sky as you see. 

I'm looking forward to getting home but there are a lot of things I'll miss. The swallows and swifts won't be seen in UK for another couple of months
and of course the lovely warmth of the climate and the people in the hotel who give the impression that it's more than a job to them. I am looking forward to being able to get up and make a cup of tea (in a good sized mug) at any time I want and good old fashioned home cooking. No matter how good the service, it's these things that can't be replaced.ur way home

I've got to get this blip up because it's after midnight here (I'm in Kuala Lumpur airport in the Emirates Lounge) but we'll be losing 8 hours on our trip home. So the next blip won't be too long away.

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