What a day! We've arrived back at George and Ann's after travelling for 29 hours. After the domestic flight from Penang to Kuala Lumpur we had a meal in the Emirates lounge at KL and then got our heads down on the flight to Dubai. We opted for what's called the 'Express Breakfast' on the plane and then we had breakfast in the lounge at Dubai Airport. Back on the plane to London on the third leg of the journey we had a third breakfast. This was at about 7.30 am UK time. 

We were late leaving Dubai and about two hours late getting into Heathrow but all our connections we're smooth and it went well even if it went for what seemed an awful long time.

My blip is a selfie taken with my iPad on the the plane. I think I took a similar shot on the way out to New Zealand three years ago and it looks as if I'm even wearing the same shirt.

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