Low Down Daffs

Low Down is the theme for Wideangle Wednesday and I like wide and I also love a low viewpoint so this suited me well.

This morning started off rainy and it was forecasted to be like that all day but it wasn't as bad as expected. Some unexpected workmen turned up. We'd been chasing a company for rectification of a problem for ages and they turned up without any warning to do the work so that was good in one way. On the other hand the clouds had parted and there was some lovely unexpected sunshine but I had to stay in to facilitate. By the time I was able to go out there was a little light but not much. I was planning to go to Teignmouth for my blip but on the way out of the village I noticed these daffs by the side of the road. I parked up and used live view and the articulated screen to get my low down shot of them. A nice bit of brightness on a dull day.

Oops, I forgot the Widwed tag. It's hosted this week by Freyjad 

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