Travelin' Man

Tremendous extremes of temperature between the start and end of our travels. We left Penang on a sunny day in the low thirties and arrived at Heathrow on a fine sunny day. As we traveled from Heathrow to Hampshire the temperature dropped and later in the evening it started to snow. As you can see it was still there as the day dawned this morning.

We took ourselves off to bed at about 7.45pm yesterday evening and, not surprisingly, we slept very well. We went downstairs looking for a cup of tea at about 6.45am. After having breakfast with George and Ann we set of for the final part of our journey, the drive home, arriving home at about 1.30pm. The small amount of snow really wasn't an issue once we were onto the main road.

It's good to be home of course despite the chilly temperatures. With all the travelling we've done over the last 48 hours, my blip isn't a particularly 'travelly' blip. I'll put it in for the Wideangle Wednesday Challenge, it's hosted by steveng while Bob's away because if it's a choice between a snowy sunrise and a shot of the A303 through the windscreen, the snow scene wins it for me! We'll have a bit of an early night tonight and I hope that'll be it for jetlag, I think it's usually better traveling east to west.

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