The Magi Have Arrived

The nativity scene at St Botolph's now features the three magi, or wise men who came from the east. Their coming is usually celebrated on January 6th, Epiphany, probably relating to St Matthew's assertion that they visited the child Jesus with his mother in a house, not a stable.

St Botolph's used to use a set of china figures in the nativity but these have come to be considered a safety risk if they fall over. They've been replaced by knitted figures. Very colourful too.

Basil and I called in on Colin on the way back from coffee morning as we hadn't seen him since before Christmas. Then we went to Go Outdoors for me to buy a few odds and ends before setting out for Glencoe next weekend. Afterwards, a rapid foray into Pets at Home to buy Basil some food.

I'd guessed at a score of Leicester City 0 - Chelsea 2. I wasn't far wrong. Chelsea scored 3. Thus Len wasn't ecstatic on arriving home and even agreed to watch Il Giovane Montalbano rather than MotD.

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