Jacaranda Tree

We had no idea what the little stunted tree was at the bottom of the garden for the longest time. Then, one day, I spotted a seed pod on it, which allowed me to start looking it up on Google. I identified it as a Jacaranda tree. A long while later, we saw these beautiful purple/blue blooms and our identification was confirmed.

It's only tiny, but there are lots of flowers on it and it's a pretty little tree. It's in a very shady part of the garden, which probably explains its lack of growth. We'll leave it be to see if it gets any bigger over the years.

We went to IKEA today. Little Miss was very unimpressed and couldn't wait to leave! Then off to Mass and home for a yummy dinner of homemade burgers with lots of salad.

We're all a bit tired and cranky tonight. I'll leave you.

Night all.


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