I forgot to say before Christmas that Miss L won the drama trophy at school. She was so proud of herself!!
A very dull but productive day today. It was mostly spent tidying Miss E's tip of a room. They've taken to playing in our bathroom and office upstairs - and making a mess there too!! - and when I got cross about it the other day they said they liked having the space!!!! Two bedrooms, a study and a huge landing and they don't have enough bloody space?!!!!!!!
Until this afternoon you could barely get into Miss E's room for all the books, toys, paper, clothes strewn all over the floor and there was indeed no space.
Now it is an oasis of tidiness, organisation and calm.
And Miss E has promised to keep it that way!! She does love it all tidy and has spent all evening in there with Miss L drawing and doing a play.
I'll be tackling Miss L's room tomorrow.
I know, I know they should do it themselves but - as usual - it had got to the stage where they can't do it properly.
From now on.........
And, yes I have left my Christmas lights up in the dining room! I love the way they look round all the pictures!

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