A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

The 'alternative' side of Briz.

Today I was on my own so took the bus down into the city centre.

No returns available but even at the increased price of £1.70 it's much cheaper than a shorter journey into our local town, Bingley at £2.40. Couldn't help thinking though that by the next but one visit we make in April I will have my bus pass. Chris and I will be able to use the buses as much as we want.

Broadmead shopping centre and Cabot Circus are much like shopping centres everywhere (I think Leeds Trinity was built on the same model as Cabot) so not exceptional but there was something I wanted from a dept store so it was a chance to get it. Had a coffee and then started walking part way back as I did seen something from the bus I wanted to blip.
Stokes Croft is just out of the centre of town and is definitely 'alternative'. There is lots of wall art here or graffiti depending on your point of view and Banksy is supposed to have started out here.
I'm sure many of you will have recognised this. It's outside an art/social centre but I haven't spotted it before. Stokes Croft has a background of past trouble and regards itself as the 'Republic of Stokes Croft' so the image is appropriate for some of the past events here. Men were working on the decking outside the building so I couldn't get too close to this or the 'upside down Jesus' at the other end. I have seen it before but I'm not sure who it is attributed to.
I have walked all the way into town before and considered walking back but it was drizzly and warm. Too warm for my 'Arctic' down coat which is the only one I brought with me. So after taking these I got the bus back.

I had my deli box from yesterday as a late lunch. It was huge. Vegetable frittata with two salads and leaves. Very nice.

Having just read the post from blip central I hope these aren't contravening copyright but as they are on the exterior walls free for anyone to see I can't see how they can be.

PS two years ago my blip was Banksy's 'Paint Pot Angel' in the Bristol museum.

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