Oh, my! Please don't feel you need to give this one a star...... This ought to be bold and bright oranges, reds and yellows but all of the colour and vibrancy has been sucked out during upload!!! This is what it is supposed to look like! I've spent enough time on this, so no more tweaking, but so frustrating!  Now sorted! I had posted a ProPhotoRGB version because my original sRGB version looked so drained of colour but it looked the same. Blipcentral have been most helpful and have said sRGB is the way to go (which is what I use on a daily basis), so I've reposted and this time, it's fine! Most bizarre but thanks Blipcentral!

In the complete and total absence of the sun today, despite a neat little row of suns appearing right through the day in last night's forecast, I've been practising with intentional camera movement in readiness for this week's Abstract Thursday theme of Impressionism hosted by Ingeborg. This is a tiny (well, small) section from a washed out photo of a vase of daffodils....... Obviously, I have tweaked it a bit! :)) I've added the original as an extra, although you may find it hard to believe they are remotely connected!

Thank you so much for everything for my early snowdrops yesterday - most kind!

Ann :))

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