Hot Chocolate

Mr K makes hot chocolate every night in our enormous Disney mugs. Obviously I'd be a complete ingrate if I pointed out how much of the hot chocolate was all over the outside of the mug and I may jeopardise future hot chocolate supplies!
Mr K took the Little Misses off to swimming at the crack of dawn and I stayed in bed with Archie. That sounds wrong but I was in bed and Archie was there so I don't know how else to put it!
Once I eventually made it out of bed I got into the bath for a couple of hours perfectly reasonable amount of time and giggled at Bill Bryson and drank the tea which Mr K brought me at regular intervals. He's pretty fabulous in the hot beverage department!!
Once I eventually got out of the bath I went to Tescos and the tip then came home and listened to the football (a 0-0 draw which saw us slide further down the table)  
Then I headed to Milton Keynes to sort out a costume for Miss E's Egypt Day on Monday.
At 5pm on the Saturday beforehand.
Having known about it since Mid December. Sigh.
Miss E decided she wanted to go as a Mummy and I thought white top, white leggings with some bandages sewn on. Easy.
Before I left I put a chicken in the oven and told Mr K I'd be back in about an hour and a half.
Oh my God.
Let me tell you it's not easy to find white clothes in January.
First of all I got white tights, white vest, white long sleeved top and grey jeans from H&M.
The it was to Primark where I bought more white tights because they were cheaper and a white t-shirt.
Then it was to New Look where I found white jeans which meant the grey jeans could go back to H&M. But obviously I forgot to take the tights back so that'll have to be done on another day. Sigh.
This was all interspersed with fruitless trips to M&S, River Island and Next.
Well I did get Scotch eggs and crisps in M&S but I'm not sure they're that Egyptian!!
Then it was to Ikea for a metre of fabric and managing to resist the biggest plate of meatballs  imaginable!!
They'd long finished the roast chicken by the time I staggered in. Three hours after I left.
We watched Harry Potter - only one left now - while I ate chicken and veg with about five litres of restorative gravy.
Then I collapsed on the sofa and stared at people singing for a few hours.
Whilst drinking delicious hot chocolate made by my lovely husband.

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