Mostly Six Five Oh

By nhc

An early blip from me as I don't think I'm going to have another opportunity for the rest of the today. 

The Blind Onion Pizza & Pub always draws my eye when we go past it on NE Broadway.  The Pabst on ice on the table was a nice touch today.  Aliens, John Wayne, Frankenstein, and a Ralph Nader sign from 2004.  When I see that Ralph Nader sign I think thanks to him we all have seat belts in our cars, amongst other important things he's done.

The thaw is well underway.  Last night I was woken a couple of times by the noise of snow sliding off the roof and its landing on the ground.  I am so looking forward to taking an unhindered walk down the sidewalk sometime soon.  Hubby took a tumble on some ice/slush/snow mix this morning.  We've both taken a fall in the past two weeks, and both very lucky to have no injuries.

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