While I was staying with UW, I stumbled upon the term, Hygge. Being a fan of Positive Psychology (it's forming a substantial chunk of my job this year), I was intrigued and decided to look into Hygge further.

To my delight, it summed up in one simple word (hou-ger) what I attempt to do each day in my daily comings and goings. By surrounding myself with things that give me a warm feeling inside, I make the mundane rather less mundane.

I try to do this with my photography too. Mundane things taking on a more beautiful and interesting persona; thus making me smile and making me feel warm and fuzzy.

Woollen socks. A warm herbal tea in my favourite mug. A hydrangea bloom, snaffled from my friend's garden. The sound of the birds through an open window. Pretty feathers found on the lawn. A walk with Cousteau when time is no object. There is so much that symbolises hygge in my life and I want more of it!

So, this hydrangea (snaffled from SG's garden) is today's hygge moment. A dreamy filter popped over the top makes it even more so. The hydrangea I have planted in a pretty pot outside my front door is more of the same, as is the lavender I've planted alongside it.

Here's to more hygge in our lives!

Night all.


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