The second half of life..

By twigs

Twinkle, twinkle......

A grey-ish day with an odd shower and very little sunshine.  I've been wanting to try an idea I've had for a couple of days now (based on my other recent sprinkler pics.... 14 Dec15 Dec,  16 Dec15 Jan16 Jan.... but precious little sunshine at the right time of the day to get the right angle has slowed me :(  When Mrs Sunshine threw a few beams our way late this afternoon I grabbed a quick dozen or so shots.  This is 2 of the better ones layered together and inverted

Hmmmmm......quite happy with the results - happy enough to know I want to explore the possibilities further.  As can so often happen, a twiddle with a few dials to 'test' things and then a picture jumps off the screen.  This one jumped.  I think it has an almost Monet feel to it which I quite like.  

The exploration, the lack or 'rules' or expectations, the opportunity to try something and not worry about being wrong - or right - plus all the underlying possibility is what I really enjoy about 'playing' with images.  I know this happens in a space, with time and with an uncluttered mind........feels good when things align :)


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