One the blackbirds that visit our garden since the winter had started and I distributed food again for the birds. We see them mainly when we have lunch in the room that views our backgarden. The blackbirds, make and female behave civilised. There are other birds too. As soon as I open the door they all flee, so I choose to take this portrait through the window.
Piet Hein noticed a little mouse too, with a lively brown fur.
It is the first since ages. They can be hungry too of course.
In the morning I felt lazy, and after lunch I decided to sit outside on the couch, let the sun warm me.
But Piet Hein came calling me, time for our walk!
We drove to the Hainbach in Helmarshausen, and walked a very nice path along the brook, we started at one side of it, and returned along the other side. A sunny gorgeous day, it felt like spring already.

Tomorrow Saturday the 21th of January there will be a another Silly Saturday Challenge day, which I host. The tag will be SilS16, SillySaturday16 will do too. I will even look at SillySaturday, without a number.
I will be pleased to look with much enthusiasm upon the entries, the funny ones, the absurd, the comical.

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