Bad thing that happened today: Trump was inaugurated as 45th President of the United States (bleurgh).

Good thing that happened today: It was a stunningly beautiful morning, so I got off the train at London Bridge and walked along the Southbank to cross over Millennium Bridge.  Spotted a load of people carrying orange flags across as I walked towards it - then got offered one myself to carry across.  I asked what it was in aid of, and they said it was for 'bridges not walls' and in response to Trump's inauguration today.  Yes, I most certainly did want to carry one across.

I know it doesn't achieve anything really, but it did feel good to partake in a little bit of positive symbolism.  The sun was shining, I had Regina Spektor in my headphones ('The Light,' funnily enough), and I was in the midst of lots of other people with similar views.  They had also hung a banner over the side of the bridge which read "What happens next is up to us."  I hope that can be true.

Phoned my Mum shortly after, and she was sounding super happy about the fact that my brother and I have arranged to go and stay with her the week that my sister will be away in February - another good thing today :)

After that, had another crazy busy day at work, then came home and made some rather delicious chestnut and apple soup, and Tim and I had a lovely chilled out Friday evening :)

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