Night kayaks

Busy, fun-packed Saturday :)  I started off feeling a bit sick all morning, which wasn't the best start, but then had some good things to take my mind off it.  Tim and I set out after lunch to go on a Hidden London tour of the Clapham South deep level shelter.  It was brilliant!  The tunnels were just vast and there was so much interesting information along the way.  It didn't take too much imagination to think how it must have been for the thousands of people that had to use these shelters in WWII - especially as they still had many of the original triple bunk beds set up, among other things.

After that, we caught the Northern Line together, and said goodbye at Stockwell - Tim headed home, and I carried on to London Bridge to catch up with my friend James and @JacquelineKelly for a spot of night photography along the Southbank.  I caught up with them under Southwark Bridge and we went and took some photos under Blackfriars rail bridge.  I took several quite similar shots, but was happiest with this one, where a group of kayakers went past, each with a white light on each side of their boats.  I like the effect!

We then carried on westwards for a look at the Lumiere installations.  Took a few shots of the 'Wave' installation (a long 'tunnel' of triangular 'gates'), and then went for some dinner (and to thaw our hands out) at the Green Room restaurant behind the National Theatre.  Had a lovely meal and some good chat, and then we headed over to Canary Wharf to see some of the 'Winter Lights' festival there (yet more light installations).  It was getting pretty late by then, so I said my goodbyes after a short while and caught the DLR back to Lewisham, and then the train home, and Tim came out to meet me on my way back from the station.

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