An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

And So it Begins...

New telly finally got fitted in the kitchen today, just in time for the inauguration of The Donald.  Paused from emptying boxes and clearing the dining room this afternoon to watch the spectacle..   Still can't believe he is President of the United States of America.  Time will tell how it all pans out.  I hope it works but I'm not optimistic.

Our day started at 8am with the delivery of our new dining room table.  

David opened the door to a delivery man, literally bent in half with his chin at his knees.  David asked him if he was ok.  He replied in his strong London accent, "Not really mate.  I'm in bloody agony.  Have you got anything for trapped wind?!"  Not quite what we were expecting!  :-)  Fortunately he had come to the right house and David was indeed able to give him something to help out.  He then went and draped himself over the bonnet of the delivery van for a few minutes.

Once he had recovered, he and his colleague brought two massive boxes into the hall.  David explained the space the table would be going (the garden room) wasn't quite ready so asked them to assemble the table in the hall and we will move it ourselves once the garden room is ready.  Not possible apparently.  He looked at the route we ow have to take the table to get it to the garden room and despite having double doors the bi-fold doors, they said there was no way we'd be able to manoeuvre it through.  The boxes certainly look enormous!  They assured us it is straightforward to assemble.  Time will tell.

Ele and Kenny arrived up in the afternoon to help get us clear the dining room, empty another load of kitchen boxes and get stuff into the loft.  I feel another little mountain has been climbed.  

P.S.The funniest thing I read today about President Trump was a comment on Facebook saying that if someone had taken a pot shot at him at his swearing in, a Secret Service man who have had to have shouted Donald, duck!  :-))

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