If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

A work in progress.

Living just a couple of miles away from Eycott Hill one of Cumbria Wildlife Trust's nature reserves we felt we should know more about it.  So we booked places on a guided walk up there.

We arrived at the Car Park to find we would be a party of about a dozen.  After days of dismal overcast weather it was clear, bright and crisp.  Wonderful!  The talk covered the geology, wildlife (obviously) management, history and the modern use of Luing cattle to improve the habitat.

The shot shows the part gathered round a circular stone wall.  This isn't finished but it will be an interesting structure when it is.  The walls will be topped by slate panels engraved with the outline of the surrounding hills with their names, There are 3 seats inside and the paved floor mirrored the geology of the site ranging from Limestone through the Eycott Hill lava series to another lava the name of which I didn't catch.

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