Leaving Flowers

I was up and out early today so I could get into the office early.  I had lots to do, mainly to do with the old job, including another handover meeting.  I also had to decline attending a couple of meetings, otherwise I will never get away to the new job.  In terms of the new job, there is still no computer, but hopefully I can sit at a vacant desk (with computer) tomorrow and start to engage on the new work.

I did manage to pop out at lunchtime to make a quick purchase, and ended up being  trapped by a fabulously enthusiastic saleswoman, and guess what - I ended up buying far more than I went out for.  She told me it was all a bargain!  I’m not usually taken in by such patter, but I had just had to spend some time with a colleague who had received some bad news, and I think my guard was down.

I was on BB pick up tonight as TT was being wined and dined with some work visitors.  An old school friend of TT’s was in the area, so popped round to see BB and me tonight.  It was good to catch up.  He brought me another bottle of Menorcan gin.

No blips today, and I have just struggled to get a half decent blip of my leaving gift flowers.


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