New Job

We had to run for our train this morning, and luckily we made it.  No seat, but you can’t have everything.  I didn’t know where to report this morning.  I decided to go to my new desk – only to find out there was still no computer for me.  I therefore spent the day at my “old” desk – which I haven’t even cleared yet.  I had a couple of “old job” meetings to tidy things up, which filled my morning before heading for a team lunch, as another member of the team is moving to another post tomorrow.  In reality it had become a joint lunch, but I didn’t want to take the limelight, so it was still her lunch.  After a very nice lunch, I caught up with a few “old job” issues, and then had a handover meeting with the person who will be minding my post for the next three months.

Before I knew it, it was time to head home, or else stay and print out a load of documents for my “new job”.  I decided to head for the bus home!  BB was at football training, TT was catching up with some work and I went out for a run.  I was delighted that I ran right round my winter (in the dark) route, without a single stop, and pushed myself up the hills.  My stamina must be improving.  The real challenge will be to do it again, and again and again!

I randomly came across an old boss of mine on Horizon tonight, exploring the science of haircare.  The bit I saw was interesting – I may catch up with the whole programme on the iPlayer if I get eth chance.

My lovely “old team” surprised me with a card and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers today.  Here is the card which was full of lovely messages,

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